Shiny leather shoes will always give a good impression depress the wearer. Not only adds to the confidence of the wearer, but also will attract the attention of the reader. MASCULINE provide some tips on skin care and make sure your shoes are always shiny.

Select type Gloss Shoes
Often in Malaysia, between shoeshine famous and most widely used type of wax and liquid. Both types shoeshine has advantages and disadvantages.

Gloss of this type are available through a variety of brands. There are expensive and some are cheap. Polishing wax type is always more effective but a little messy because you need to use common brush. After flashed you have to let it dry shoes and several layers of old wax polishes should be applied to get good results.

In contrast to the type of wax polishes, varnishes of this type is cheaper and easier. This is because the design has a sponge tip is easy to use and storage. You only need to press the tip of the shoe span of a few times and you will be able to see the liquid polishes will flow out. Compared wax, flashes of lackluster results.

Step Shoe Shine
Select the appropriate type of polishing your shoes. Shoeshine consists of several colors depending on the color of shoes such as black, brown, white or neutral.
Use the appropriate brush - not too hard and not too soft.
Insist on a shoeshine brush several times and then start brushing in a circular shape on the surface of the shoe leather.
After finishing, drying your leather shoes in the sun for at least 10 minutes.
Then, repeat step polishing your shoes. You will be able to see the results and it saves.


Easy tip
1. You can get additional polishes sold in stores due.
2. In addition to polishing, there are also hints of banana skin could say shoeshine.
3. Make sure you keep the brush well to ensure that the feathers on the brush are not damaged. If the texture of the brush has changed and uneven, change the new brush.
4. To ensure that the outer skin is not easily damaged shoes, you should always wipe and do not expose in dusty or humid environments.
5. Avoid stepping on the back of the shoe while removing it because it would spoil the main bone of your shoes. In addition, it also damages the shoes were polished sheen.